About CanadianLabourRelations.Com

Canadian Labour relations.com is the labour relations website for Derek February & Associates / BizEdge Online, a private (non-government) agency based in Vancouver, which provides an online labour relations consulting service to businesses throughout Canada. We help businesses and employees in the different provinces and territories to resolve their labour relations challenges through cost effective consulting via the Internet.

The principal behind CanadianLabourRelations.com is Derek February, who has Canadian as well as international labour relations / industrial relations experience.

Professional Qualifications and Experience

Derek holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations, plus he has completed post-graduate studies in Canadian Labour Relations & Canadian Collective Bargaining through the Sauder School of Business at UBC, and an Occupational Health & Safety course at BCIT.

Derek's experience is in consulting and advising senior management, on all aspects of labour relations and training. He also has experience in several other business fields, including as employment counsellor, working mainly with immigrant professionals. His varied work experience and business background has helped to provide a much deeper understanding of the challenges faced by employees and management in the Canadian workplace.

This Canadian Labour Relations website has been created to share helpful information and resources for labour relations in Canada.

Derek February
B.A., Post-Grad Dipl. Industrial Relations
BizEdge Online