Canadian Labour Relations

Canadian Labour Relations provides industrial relations (IR) services in creating positive employee relations, and understanding labour laws, federal and provincial employment legislation, and how to manage employee grievances and complaints.

In addition we also provide Strategic HR Planning which will help your business manage the human resources implications of your organizational strategy, in areas such as, succession management, change management, downsizing and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and recruitment and retention, etc.

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We can help your business create a proactive approach to your employee relations portfolio. The services we provide will guide you through the various areas of labour law and employment legislation in both federal and provincial jurisdictions. This is especially helpful when your business has operations in multiple provinces.

Practical Industrial Relations Training

Providing key managers and supervisors with practical IR training on the do's and don'ts in employment law, is a good first step in creating a sound employee relations policy. This can lead to improved worker morale, as well as reduced absenteeism, and increased individual productivity. See our Labour Relations Training page.

Online Consulting Service

We also promote online labour relations consulting services by helping HR departments in the different provinces and territories resolve their labour relations challenges through cost effective consulting via the Internet.

Most issues can be handled via electronic communications and conference calls, with on-site consulting reserved for when circumstances warrants it. This approach can save your organization thousands of dollars. See our Outsourcing Labour Relations Services page.

For International Companies

For international corporations wanting to do business in Canada, we can advise on Canadian labour relations, covering both federal and provincial jurisdictions.

For Canadian Employees

Canadian labour relations provides you with helpful information on the key issues and the more problematic areas of employee relations. We can assist you in dealing with your employment issues.

Our speciality is in helping companies avoid costly litigation by resolving the problem in a speedily manner. Should the LR problem involve litigation we would then use the services of associated employment lawyers to handle any litigation issues that may arise. Our approach can help reduce your legal costs.

How Labour Relations Consultants Help Businesses

Employee and Labour Relations consulting services and lawyers can be used by any size of organization irrespective of its current level of development. Businesses that can benefit most from the information on this website, are small and medium-size companies:

  • looking to improve their employee relations within their organization;

  • wanting an external labour relations advisor to assist with strategy development and implementation of LR policies and procedures;

  • requiring advice and/or support, for providing a comprehensive LR services to line management;

  • where managers do not have sufficient labour relations management experience;

  • looking for a labour relations specialist to advise their HR managers;

  • where the size of the operation does not warrant a full time labour relations manager;

  • in need of an external labour relations advisor on a short to medium term basis, or on a project basis; or

  • requiring a labour relations advisor on a retainer basis to advise the organization on all labour/employment law and the federal and provincial Employment Standards Acts.


"Most Managers learn by managing.
They learn in the so-called 'school of experience'.

Nobody tells them the right way to manage,
nay they won't let them!

Then by having started wrongly they practice wrong ways until they do them perfectly ...wrong!"
Percy Whitting

How a Labour Relations Lawyer & Consultant Can Help

An experienced Canadian Labour Relations lawyer or consultant can provide your organization with guidance and advice in handling labour relations issues as well as human resources, and management issues, such as:

  • Compliance with the Canadian labour and employment laws
  • Collective bargaining
  • Grievance arbitration and Labour arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Improving employee relations
  • Supervisory training
  • New employee induction programs
  • Employee recruitment and selection
  • Harassment prevention training e.g. How to handle sexual harassment & bullying in the workplace

Browse through the site for more detailed information about these issues and related topics, and feel free to contact us should you need help resolving your labour relations problems.