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We invite you to advertise your services on the page of your choice on CanadianLabourRelations.com.

In todays' competitive online marketing environment the more websites your business is advertised on, the greater your chances are for your business to be found on the Internet.

Most business owners think that by having a website their business will automatically be found on the internet. This is rarely the case.

If your website can only be found by people who have your business card, then your website loses its main function, which is to attract new clients or customers who do not yet know that your business exists.

Why lose out on potential clients from targeted online advertising - one of the quickest ways of getting new clients and customers?

Expand Your Advertising Online

You can advertise your legal firm or consultant services, in the 3rd column on any of the webpages on this website. We will customize your Ad to fit the column.

Note: Image Ads #1 & #2 would appear in the content body of the webpage.

Advertising and Pricing Packages

Special Promotion for 2023. All pricing is valid for one year starting the 1st of the month following purchase.

Note: All prices listed per month (some fees are payable yearly).

Single AD $22.50

5 - 9 ADs $20.00 each

10 ADs $115.00 ($11.50 ea.)

25 ADs $175.00 ($7.00 ea.)

Regular Pricing Packages

All prices listed per month (some fees are payable yearly).

Single AD $27.50

5 - 9 ADs $22.50 each

These prices listed per month.

10 ADs $250.00 ($25.00 ea.)

25 ADs $345.00 (15.00 ea.)

50 ADs $500.00 ($10.00 ea.)

Please contact us for different quantities.

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