Labour Relations Outsourcing Services

CanadianLabourRelations.com provides a cost-effective outsourcing service to companies wishing to outsource part of, or all, their labour relations management duties. We help businesses address all of their labour relations challenges with solutions customized to meet their specific needs.

Why Outsource? 

There can be a steep and time consuming learning curve, to gain the knowledge and experience required to handle complex and diverse labour relations issues, and ensure that all the necessary employment and labour laws are also adhered to. Do you have the time to do it all in-house?

By outsourcing these services to a dedicated Labour Relations specialist, you can get cost-effective and quicker resolutions to your labour relations matters. 

Please note: We invite both employers and employees to contact us with questions, if you are looking for answers on what to do regarding an employee relations problem that you are being faced with.

Types of Labour Relations Issues to Consider Outsourcing

Our specialized outsourcing services covers:

  • Conduct labour law compliance and HR/LR management audits.
  • Assist management in the development and implementation of labour relations strategies, including recruitment, outsourcing/off-shoring, and outplacement (layoffs).
  • We provide a labour economics review and services (Improve cash flow and liquidity).
  • Assist companies to be in compliance with labour laws and avoid costly employment violations by management.
  • Advise HR departments on deep-subject labour relations matters which they are not accustomed to handling.
  • Review and update labour relations and HR policies and procedures for sexual harassment, bullying, and, discrimination in the workplace.
  • Investigate and advise on bullying, sexual harassment, and discrimination complaints.
  • Collective agreement interpretation and administration.
  • Assist in avoiding problems associated with unfair dismissals (wrongful dismissals), constructive dismissals, and layoffs.
  • Advise on disciplinary matters.
  • Conduct effective employment law training for managers and supervisors.
  • Advise on Occupational Health & Safety legislative requirements.

Outsourcing Lowers Costs 

In effect we provide you with a full labour relations services at a cost far lower than you having your own in-house labour relations department or manager. We are a fully-fledged labour relations focused operation with the dual focus being on:

  • problem-solving (i.e. identifying and correcting problems), and
  • proactive administering the labour relations process to minimize costly problems occurring.

By having us handle all your labour relations issues you will have peace of mind that all your labour relations will be handled in compliance with Canada's labour laws and the relevant provincial employment laws.

To learn more about our labour relations outsourcing services, use the contact form below.

For a customized quote, please provide details about your organization, and current labour relations issues and requirements you are interested in outsourcing. 

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