Canadian Employment Law
The Canadian Employment Standards

The Canadian Employment Standards is the Canada employment law that deals with the minimum employment standards within the private sector in Canada. These employment laws outline the federal, and individual provincial employment standards, as well as the territorial legislative provisions.

The Constitution Act, 1867, Sections 91 and 92, gave the provincial legislatures major jurisdiction over the following areas:

  • the minimum age for employment
  • hours of work and overtime pay
  • minimum wages
  • equal pay
  • the weekly rest-day
  • general holidays with pay
  • annual vacations with pay
  • parental leave, and
  • individual and group terminations of employment
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These Canadian Employment Standards, (Canada Employment Standards), varies for federal jurisdiction and the individual provinces.

Below are the provincial Employment Standards Act provisions for federal jurisdiction and for each of the provincial jurisdictions.

The information shared below is for informational purposes only. Should you intend applying any of these employment standards provisions, you should refer to the individual province's employment standards statutes. Also, for the interpretation of how these laws would apply to your organization, it is advisable to contact an employment lawyer or a labour relations consultant.

Federal and Provincial Employment Standards

Federal Employment Standards

British Columbia Employment Standards

Alberta Employment Standards

Saskatchewan Employment Standards

Manitoba Employment Standards

Ontario Employment Standards

Québec Employment Standards

Newfoundland Employment Standards

New Brunswick Employment Standards

Prince Edward Island Employment Standards

Nova Scotia Employment Standards

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Yukon Territory Employment Standards

Northwest Territory Employment Standards

Nunavut Territory Employment Standards

  • Nunavut Territory Labour Standards Act
  • Department of Justice For specific information, or questions, on the (Employment) Labour Standards Act of Nunavut you can contact the Labour Services Officer in the Department of Justice at:Phone: 867-975-7293, and Fax: 867-975-7294
  • Designated Statutory Authority: Director of Court Services, under the Labour Standards Act of Nunavut

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